Guiding brands down the road less traveled by, that's our brand promise.

About Us


Letterbox Studios started in 2002 as a design studio made up of creative professionals who wanted to stretch their feet outside of the day-to-day projects of their full-time corporate jobs. Led by Creative Director, Clint Malson, the team worked as a co-op of creative minds bringing together the best individuals to handle each and every project as needed. Letterbox Studios still uses the collective model and is now exclusively focused on and in support of eco and socially conscious businesses. It's how we live our personal lives, it's how we do business, and we want to support others on this same path.


What makes us so green?

We live our lives as sustainable as we can and are continuing to expand that constantly. We work fully remote so there is no overhead of an office with another carbon footprint. We recycle everything we possibly can, we compost, use almost no paper or printing materials, we use solar power, create almost zero waste by bottle bricking, and have our site and our clients' sites (the core of our work) hosted with companies that are carbon nuetral and use wind power.

We don't do all of this to be cool, hip or otherwise. We do it because we care. We care about the future of our planet and most importantly we care about the future health and prosperity of our children.



Why the owl?

It is in Native American mythos owls are patient messengers, bringers of information and the holders of wisdom, and they are capable of seeing the unseen. With their keen eyesight, they can glance into the soul to discern meaning and motive, and they are totems of truth.


The idea behind using the owl as a metaphor for Letterbox Studios lies in the fact that owls watch over the forest in the same way that we "watch" over an eco brand to guide and protect it. Without protection over the direction of branding elements that guide a brand promise, the perception of the brand can take the road most traveled by and not stay true to it's core message. Our goal is to not let that happen.

We will work in collaboration with you to help guide your business in the right direction. We consult with you to keep your brand promise throughout all aspects of your business, and share with you how to go greener. Just as the owl is connected with the flow of the forest, we help you stay connected to your purpose on this great earth, how your business can flow in conjunction with, not against, the rhythms of our environment and greater world community.